About our Summer Camp

MindMenders Summer Camp

Send your child back to school this fall with a brand-new brain!

A Different Kind of Summer Camp — MindMenders Summer Camp is fun!

Camp is life-changing, as well. One-to-one individualized instruction helps your child reach his /her potential.

How Does MindMenders Do It?

MindMenders uses the Structure of Intellect Test (SOI) to provide an individualized brain profile.  To increase speed of brain processing,

MindMenders uses The Listening Program by Advanced Brain Technology and Learning Ears by Moyers Learning Systems.  Add fun activities and games designed to increase reading, writing, and math skills and you have

MindMenders Summer Camp!

Next Steps:

Call MindMenders to set up a time for the Structure of Intellect Test and Individualized Practice Protocol Screening. This is a three-four-hour test with a one-hour interpretation of the results. You will receive an estimate of time needed to turn your child into a successful learner.