The Listening Program

MindMenders is an authorized provider of The Listening Program® with Bone Conduction Headphones.

MindMenders uses TLP’s Bone Conduction Audio System. This multi-sensory approach provides an engaging experience to integrate the whole body and brain in the listening process. It accelerates and expands the benefits of The Listening Program method of music listening therapy. You experience the music two ways; gentle vibrations through your body, (bone conduction) and through the headphones (air conduction).

Auditory processing deficits are one of the most common reasons people consider using The Listening Program® as it is quite effective in training the brain to understand what it hears.

Symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder

Language problems
Reading challenges
Auditory hypersensitivity
Low self-confidence
Organizational problems

Can’t block out background noise
Difficulty following conversations
Academic/work performance
Difficulty with relationships`
Doesn’t follow directions well
Auditory working memory deficits