Gifted Education Acceleration Program

SOI: Transforming Lives with Our Complete Gifted Program

In the 1960’s when Dr. Mary Meeker was structuring the SOI Program with Dr. J. P Guillford, it was to be a program for the gifted child.

Gifted students need regular challenges and support to ensure they reach their highest potential. Many gifted students excel in public and private institutions but would reach greater heights if they were challenged in all areas.

Good grades often mask the inability to study, to perform on exams or essays, to organize, and more. Many gifted people manage to achieve a’s and B’s but over work themselves to maintain those grades.

On the other hand, there are many unidentified gifted students who have reading issues, memory problems, a few cognitive issues in the predominantly gifted brain, or even undiagnosed neurological problems that keep them from utilizing their gifted brain to its fullest.

Many kids who should be labeled “gifted,” never receive recognition because they may have one or more areas of the brain that limits brain function or performance causing the brain to short circuit.

SOI for the Gifted

Even the most gifted individuals have an area of the brain that may not working at optimum capacity. By using the SOI® test, which is a broad-spectrum test of 27 different abilities, we will identify any cognitive functions that may need improvement to accelerate a gifted individual to reach new heights academically, socially, and organizationally. Our clients perform better on assessments and gain entrance into desired educational institutions.

SOI® Testing is diagnostic and prescriptive:

It indicates areas of giftedness

It indicates abilities in need of development

It indicates how the near-gifted can become gifted.

SOI® training materials are used to teach creativity, judgment and evaluation, problem solving skills, and other “higher level” critical thinking skills.

Needs of the Gifted

Any limiting cognitive weaknesses or ADHD symptoms will eventually rear their ugly heads at some point in college, career, or family relationships regardless of the extent of giftedness. The following client examples should prompt individuals and families to address concerns early. Make an appointment with our office so we can identify and strengthen brain weaknesses. We offer a complete program for the gifted individuals to ensure the brain fires properly and performs optimally.