Structure of Intellect (SOI)

What is SOI®?

SOI stands for Structure of Intellect, which is a theory of the functions and products of human intelligence.  It is a system of tests and training materials to develop intellectual abilities.  The SOI® is based on the work of J. P. Guilford whose search for intellectual abilities began in 1940 and lasted until 1959.

Structure of Intellects System® (SOI) is the basis of academic/educational assessment.  Based on J. P. Guilford’s theory of multiple intelligences and developed by Dr. Mary Meeker for use in schools, SOI tests a range of intelligence abilities which are needed for success with academic studies or career placement. Mary Meeker found that intelligence is not fixed. Intelligence can be developed.

Upon diagnosing strengths and weaknesses, MindMenders uses SOI’s follow-up program of activities to build potential abilities to enable success in school or in life.  This program has wide-ranging applications in reading readiness, academic assessment and remediation, and career counseling.

  • SOI Certified Learning – This program is for students or clients in grades K-2, the primary grades, where it is especially important to ensure that students have the requisite learning abilities to process lessons: vision skills, auditory skills, and basic intellectual skills. Unlike schools, which assume that students have these abilities, SOI Certified Learning includes lessons that screen* for them, and then teach them if necessary.
  • BESP: Basic Essentials for Social Participation is a program for “in-between” people. There are a number of “in-between” groups in our society.
    • Re-Entry Candidates
    • Clean and Sober Inmates
    • Middle School Failures

These three groups are in different circumstances, but they all share a common problem. They need to learn the same large body of content – high school math, language, science, and civics – in a very short amount of time.

If we could teach students the essential concepts in the allotted amount of time, we would have solved their “in-between” status. They would be qualified to begin the next step in their lives.

BESP is an internet program that remedies the situation in a hurry, often in six month or less.

The Power of SOI Certified Learning is that:

It is a SCREENING tool.  As an adult working with the child, deficient skills are immediately identified and corrected or developed.

It develops those primary skills necessary to learn. It begins at a level below where the child is able to work and brings her up to grade level very slowly. Beginning at a level below the child’s ability, helps to build the child’s confidence and change the “I Can’t” attitude to “I Can.”

SOI Certified Learning uses three modes of instruction: computer, workbook and exercises to develop visual and sensory-integration capabilities. SOI Certified Learning is created to work in the classroom where students are taught individually as part of a group. MindMenders is the first SOI center to utilize SOI Certified Learning during sessions and in summer camp.

Since the inception of SOI Certified Learning, it has been using very successfully in Kindergarten and first grade classrooms across the United States, primarily in Texas. MindMenders currently is working with a local charter school to implement SOI Certified in Kindergarten for the next school year.