Learning Ears

Learning Ears® is the Training Tool for Higher Achievement.

LEARNING EARS is a proven educational program that develops listening and reading skills fundamental to learning and achievement. Gayle Moyers, reading specialist and educator, created LEARNING EARS as a tool to improve a person’s ability to receive, understand and retain incoming information. The 20-week program significantly increases a person’s ability to listen, speak, communicate and learn.

Students who are challenged by dyslexia, language delays, communication disorders, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, developmental delays, and attention deficits are able to increase their ability to learn and experience success.

Over the past decade, adults and children have experienced success using Learning Ears at home, in professional clinics and in schools.

LEARNING EARS Practitioners commonly report outstanding improvement in:

Learning and memory
Attention and focus
Listening and understanding
Reading comprehension, accuracy,fluency
Thinking and problem solving
Speech, language and vocabulary
Communication, behavior & social skills
Spelling and writing
Motivation and self-confidence
Sensory integration, movement and coordination